Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pintoo Crawls
Finally Pintoo has plunged forward to explore..infact he also has started to climb on us and stand..which was quite wonderful to watch..:)

He has started to learn to identify couple of things at home..the painting and the chandelier..when i call out one of these names he looks toward their direction.

The last couple of weeks arav has grown quite rapidly..he now weighs 8kgs...his hair has grown straight and silky.

Few more updates the last few weeks:
February 5, 2007: Arav turns 6 months and it was our 3rd anniversary.
February 7, 2007: The worst day of my life...Pintoo fell off our bed for the first time:( He was hospitalized for a day for observation. After pulling off the doc's specs and grabbing his hair, the doc assessed him as fit to be discharged.

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