Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The First Lie:

We were in the kitchen. I gave him some water and I just turned to look at something..and..i hear this neat and quick splash...

Turned around and saw him drinking whatever was left in the cup without any reaction.

So, i asked him with all the sterness i can gather in my voice, "Why did you pour the water?"

And he replied. " I did not pour the water, Amma, (yes this clearly and he was also shaking his head zillion times) somebody did it".

I couldn't believe it...he is not three yet..and he knows to blame someonelse for it..

I am not sure if it is us.. We are normally careful in telling him the truth..this was uncalled for...so I quickly told him that if he did not want the water he could just say enough and leave the cup on the table...."ok"...

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