Thursday, June 04, 2009

Arav's first day at school.

The first day was only for 5 minutes, that's what the school thought, they probably thought children staying in their premises the first day for more than 5 minutes is an impossibility but then there was Arav...

So while the rest of the children went in crying and some refused to leave their parents' hands, Arav was only too happy to leave us..he went in running, he did want us to come in but when we said we can't do that, he couldn't care less.

We could see the children playing through a glass window and Arav was playing with the outdoor playset that they have in schools.

And then when it was time to leave, the other children just ran out to their parents and we were still waiting for Arav.He was alone still playing and he was refusing to go home!

Finally when they convinced him to go home, he came out crying!

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