Friday, August 07, 2009

Arav's school has very specific rules on birthday days. It is tradition to give away chocolates on a child's birthday to the rest of his classmates. In his school they prefer Indian sweets to chocolates. Since Arav's birthday was a school holiday, we had to do this the next working day.

I bought some 80 individually packed delicious looking milk peda sweets from Adyar Ananda Bhavan and left to his school.Krishna Sweets do not pack individually though it was my first choice. Sree Mithai is too far off from where i live so i had settled for Adyar Ananda bhavan.

I gave the sweets to the 'aunty' (all the teachers in Arav's school are called like that) and had to wait outside the school since it was not yet time for children to leave.

When finally the gates opened and i let myself in, Arav was all smiles and was looking radiant. I guess the birthday song did the trick!

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