Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arav is usually not scared or nervous about anything. His teachers from school have backed me on that one. The only time he is nervous and refuses to budge is when we have to get him to have a bath!

A spirited four year old who is fearless is bound to get into trouble.

Instance :

My flat is on the fourth floor and then the stairs reach the open terrace which has the water tank. There is an Iron ladder to reach the water tank which is built on stilts. So Arav climbs that, sits on the landing and admires the view...while we have a heart attack. He has seen cleaners using it and I guess, his thoughts were..if he could do it, why not me? So when I thought he was playing in my neighbour's house with their 4 yr old son. They both had sneaked out and had promptly gone to the terrace.

So no one could even begin to imagine my plight when I saw Nitesh standing at the foot of the ladder and calling out Arav..looking up. When I ran up to the ladder..Arav says "Hi Ma, it's so beautiful from here, want to look?". I almost s*** my pants!!

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