Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyone is gearing up for Independence day Celebrations in my apartment complex which houses about 200 families. Yes it's huge, i know.Thankfully we have enough space to save us all from claustrophobia (hope i got the spelling right).

You can always find about 50 children (from all age groups) running, cycling, hopping, about in the park, the lengthy driveway..oh ok..about everywhere.

These children have now started to practice for the celebrations.You see it is custom for this society (another word for crowded apartment complex) to have dance, entertainment and sports programs for the the the residents.

I wanted Arav to participate in something. Since I liked to dance and have already participated in one of the programs earlier I got him into one for children.

The first two days of practise were smooth. He danced and copied their steps and was enthusiastic. He received a little extra practise on shaking his hips."Shake your bum like this" the coordinator would say.He seemed to not mind it. He would always look over his shoulder where I was standing and smile like as if he was loving it.

The third day..he had had enough of it and found playing in the sand, chasing that poor kitten and cycling much more fun than shaking his booty in front of an audience.

When I was finally able to hold on to him and ask him why he did not want to dance anymore."They are asking me to shake my bum.I don't like that", he said.

He'll probably hate dancing if I insist so I just said "OK".

But I am not giving up on participating mind's already working on an alternate plan!

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