Monday, December 13, 2010

I have just completed a year of driving. A feat, some say, for Chennai's traffic can drive you crazy. So from being real slow on the road and trying to remember which gear I am on , to comfortably cruising today ,without any hassles....I think I've come a long waaayyy!

These days when I drive (since there is no music system), I generally just hum tunes or sing songs to Arav.

But when I drive alone, it's all focus on jaywalkers ; that bus which overtook me in a "cycle's gap"!! ; that car with the loud music system and some words like kill machine or race car written on the outside, racing with me ; that two-wheeler who tries to weave his way in between a traffic snarl and ends up scratching my car and scooting from that place before I can open the windows and scream.

Earlier the most I would do is stop in front of them or go close to them and roll down my windows and sounding most vengeful, would loudly say something like .."" Are you mad/stupid?". But now I have no patience for all I generally use all the bad language that I have learnt over the years from so well-wishers!! But then all this talking happens only inside my locked car with my windows rolled up! (for obvious reasons)

So there was an incident where an Innova overtook me by edging me out and cutting my car in a precarious angle. I looked directly at the driver in his rear view mirror and uttered all the terrible words I remembered and spoke of horrible things that would happen to him (and his wife)!. And then I realized the driver was looking at me through his mirror too, ( eyes sqinting) trying his best to read my lips. So I switched to song mode...!! And life goes on..

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