Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shoe Story:

Arav owns exactly three pairs of footwear, of which two are of the same model. The other one is the normal chappals type.So ,though, there are a variety of shoes matching outfits and occasions, I decided to stick to floaters and chappals. I was merely looking at comfort and utility.

Yesterday we decided to get a new pair, after a real long time. At the shop Arav was so excited that he started to try on all the pairs, even the girls' shoes. I realized that he had been shoe starved. So I picked up a trendy sneaker for him , and he loved it. He insisted on wearing it even before it was billed. Then he decided to wear them after we got into the car. From then on, he has been wearing it all the time, pretty much. Has worn it to school today. I am sure he is telling all his classmates about his new shoes!

Bottomline: Must buy more shoes this year.

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