Friday, April 15, 2011


 The day after school closed, we packed up to leave for Kishkintha Theme Park. It was a sudden plan as usual. It took us a while to find the place but once we got there (it was hot and burning and yet) we got busy with exploring the place.

The first section we headed to was the Kiddies Section which was apt for Arav, he rode the Duck train, the Road Train which was more like the room train ( the train chooed chooed in a closed room) and then the big Carousel. The next ride we went to was the Dragon ride which was like a mini roller coaster. It was fun and disorienting. Arav loved it..he even proclaimed it to be the best ride ever! Then came Tora Tora which almost made me throw up..!

After lunch (from Kishkintha's Food Village canteen) we hit the water park. Kishkintha has three sections of pools. One of them have the effect of water waves. It was pretty crowded but enjoyable. There were multi lane slides and tube slides which Sundar tried out. Arav did not want to leave the pool. The water park closed at 6 p.m .

After a quick snack we landed on the lake's edge to watch the Water Ski show. It started well when one of the skiiers slipped and fell on the water while performing a ramp somersault. He was hurt very badly and the show had to be closed for the day. It was a Ski Show gone bad.

The last rides that were availabe were the Go-Kart and the Bumper Cars. Arav accompanied Sundar in the Go-Kart..helmet and all..he looked so cute. We ended Kishkintha with Bumper Cars, another of Arav's favourites.

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