Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Dream Catcher

Naptime is normally in the afternoon between 1 and 3 everyday. And when Arav wakes up after this nap, he is never the same. It is like as if he contacted some unknown source in the outer world, listened to all that they have to say and as soon as they say 'go"..he wakes up. But it doesn't end there, he bounces off the bed with this really weird amounts of energy for a child who has just got up from his sleep.

That takes me back to the theory that three year olds are suspiciously...umm..not from around "here".

One time he woke up crying that my sister had pulled away his favourite pillow from him. Only after I showed him room by room that she does not stay here did he calm down.

Once he woke up smiled like an angel and said happy birthday to me!

Yesterday he woke up , jumped off his bed, strode out of the bedroom like he was warming up for a 100 metre dash and yelled at me for not letting his friend inside. When I said that Nithesh was not standing outside our door, he didn't believe me, yelled at me again and strode back into his bedroom and shut the door!

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